Watch The DOCTOR WHO Season 9 Premiere Free Online, Plus Episode 2 Preview!

Missed the Doctor Who Season 9 premiere last night? It’s okay! You can catch up on online now, for free! And it’s even legal!

BBC America has uploaded the Episode 1 of Season 9, “The Magician’s Apprentice”, straight to the web for fans to enjoy!

The station has been quick to let fans know that the full episode upload is just for the premiere, so you’ll still have to tune in or record on Saturdays on BBC or BBC America to get the full adventure.

The show also released a featurette focusing in on the “axe fight” scene and The Doctor’s possible mid-life crisis, which was as amusing for the cast as it was for audiences.

Of course, the episode was the first of a two-parter. The second half, “The Witch’s Familiar” debuts next week. Until then, we’ve only got a trailer hinting at how things might shake out!

Doctor Who returns for Episode 2 on Saturday, September 26th.

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