Watch The First Full Trailer For Disney/Pixar’s THE GOOD DINOSAUR

The first full trailer for THE GOOD DINOSAUR introduces a beautiful friendship.

Now that Inside Out has made its mark on the box office in a big way, we’ve finally got a full trailer for Disney’s The Good Dinosaur!

The Good Dinousaur follows Arlo the Apatosaurus (Raymond Ochoa) through a re-imagined universe in which the meteor that left dinosaurs extinct never hit Earth. In a scary universe of wild nature and fearsome predators, Arlo makes an unlikely friend with a new species: A human boy named Spot (Jack Bright), who acts as a bit of a pet.

Disney/Pixar previously released a voiceless, minute long trailer for the film. The quiet may have been intentional, as the studio announced shortly afterward that it would be replacing most of the original voice cast.

We gotta say, this concept certainly throws off fans’ overall “connected universes” theory for Disney/Pixar movies!

The Good Dinosaur hits theaters on Thanksgiving.