THE MAZE RUNNER: THE SCORCH TRIALS trailer is big, bold, and filled with action!

THE SCORCH TRIALS trailer is now available online for everyone to take in (over and over again!) Primarily focusing on Thomas and the Gladers involvement with WCKD and the horrible state of the world outside The Maze, this trailer is a exciting crash course into James Dashner’s terrifying new world!

We’re also getting the footage of Aiden Gillen as Janson (aka The Ratman) and Jacob Lofland as Aris Jones.

Though it gives us a look at the plot, THE SCORCH TRIALS trailer is still holding back on a lot of the details, including new characters like Brenda and Jorge and the major obstacles The Gladers will face once they leave WCKD headquarters and enter The Scorch. It may not seem like a lot, but we’re glad they’re not giving everything away on the first trailer!

While we’re spotting some differences from the book, those differences are expected. Changes made in THE MAZE RUNNER worked really well, so we’re not too daunted by any minor changes at this point.

THE MAZE RUNNER: THE SCORCH TRIALS hits theaters on September 18, 2015. For more on the film, be sure to visit the official Twitter page!

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