Learn to FEAR THE WALKING DEAD straight from the premiere’s opening scene!

It’s time to get an early look at Fear The Walking Dead before its Sunday premiere! The show has released a nearly 3 1/2 minute clip of its opening scene, which introduces the tension and terror right away.

The scene features Nick (Frank Dillane) waking up in an abandoned church turned drug den, only to discover that things are very out of place and the people around him are dead. He looks for the source of the chaos and it’s not long until he finds much more than he bargained for.

Watch above or click the image below to watch on the Facebook page!

nick ftwd

The walker in the church is none other than Gloria aka Patient Zero herself, played by actress Lexi Johnson. The show runners have confirmed that we shouldn’t be expecting any sort of origin story for the character, but it’s still exciting to see the person with whom the zombie apocalypse began!

With an opening scene like this, we’re expecting quite a bit from Fear the Walking Dead when it premieres this Sunday, August 23rd, on AMC!

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