Who needs a thorough book synopsis when you can watch it all play out with Barbies?!

As fans of THE SELECTION series await the release of THE HEIR, Epic Reads had way too much fun looking back on the series. Previously, they released the hilarious parody “THE SELECTION In 4 Minutes (With Barbies)“. Now they’ve expanded their repertoire a bit to include all sorts of dolls in a cheeky recap of THE ELITE, the second book in the series!

This time, America Singer finds herself deep in the competition to become the future queen of Illea. She’s even traded in her catchphrase from the first spoof (“My heart is brooooken!”) in for something a little more fitting as she considered all of her feelings (“My heart is confused!”)

This video is full of fun and snark, but there’s one line that clearly wins out among them all:
“Maids, we ain’t messing around no more. I want that crown AND that man!”

The next book in THE SELECTION series, THE HEIR, tells the story of America and Maxon’s daughter, Eadley. The book comes out on May 5, 2015!


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