Watch the SUPERGIRL Season 2 Trailer “Sky” as Superman and Supergirl take Flight

Watch Supergirl and Superman team up in the season 2 trailer for SUPERGIRL!

In the new promo for “Sky” it looks like Supergirl will be getting help from her superhero cousin, Clark Kent aka Superman. With it being only a few weeks from the premiere date, everyone is on the edge of there seats waiting for the premiere.

Looking at the promo, it shows us that Supergirl and Superman will be teaming up to save Earth from a falling aircraft. However we aren’t very clear on what it is. In the promo we get to see Tyler Hoechlin in his Superman get-up with Melissa Benoist in hers as they team up to save Earth.

Supergirl returns on Monday, October 10, 2016 on the CW.

spg202b_0268b Sky


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