Watch This Deleted INTO THE WOODS Song “She’ll Be Back”

Meryl Streep sings "She'll Be Back"

Meryl Streep sings “She’ll Be Back” for Into the Woods

“She’ll Be Back” was written solely for Meryl Streep, as the Witch, to sing in the film musical version of Into the Woods.  In fact, Tony-winning composer Stephen Sondheim was the one who authored the song, which was supposed to be shown after Rapunzel escapes from her tower to be with the Prince, leaving the Witch to live alone.

Of course, for those who have seen the movie, this doesn’t happen, but according to Rob Marshall in the video below, the movie was stronger without the song, thus it fell to the cutting room floor, so to speak.

What do you think?  Would you have appreciated the movie more if they kept this song in?  Let us know!


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