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Watch Three New SHADOWHUNTERS Promos for Season 2

In recent SHADOWHUNTERS promos, Alec, Isabelle and Clary will have to chose where they stand: With Jace or against!

With less then a month till the winter premiere of Shadowhunters, Freeform has release new Shadowhunters promos to get us hyped for the premiere.

Each promo shows us the struggles that the Shadowhunters will face in this season. They will have to test their limits and chose if they can go against The Clave— or against Jace. Showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimm said that Season 2 will focus on the bond between characters as they face Valentine’s looming threat and from these promos we can see that they are doing great.

The first promo, “Declare Your Loyalty,” shows us the extreme things Valentine will force Jace to go to and what Clary has to face, since she has a target on her back.

The second promo, “Shadowhunters Can’t Be Broken,” will make you all tear up as you see old clips from season 1 and new clips from season 2. We hear many of the quotes that make the Shadow world come to life.

Finally, the last promo, “The Battle Between Good & Evil” will leave fans reeling over everything in it. The peace between Shadowhunters and Downworlders is definitely gone and the war is coming. It comes with hard consequences and from what we see, even Izzy isn’t strong enough to face it.

Jace’s departure with Valentine creates upheaval in The Institute; the arrival of Victor Aldertree hampers Alec, Isabelle and Clary’s plan to rescue Jace; Jocelyn, now awake, tries to catch up on events.

shadowhunters promosShadowhunters Season 2 premiere on Freeform on January 2, 2016.

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