Watch Two New Promos for THE FLASH 3.02 Episode “Paradox”

Barry Allen has been living in bliss but now that he’s changed it back, there are repercussions. Watch them in the promos for THE FLASH!

The CW has just released new promos for “Paradox” the second episode of The Flash for season 3. In the last episode we got to see how Barry was feeling and doing the past three months. It was also really sweet to see his interactions with his parents. However as the episode progressed we saw the repercussions of Flashpoint.

In both promos we get to see the ramifications of Flashpoint and the effect it will have on Barry. We will also get to see a bit of Felicity giving some remarks on what has happened. In the first promo we see that Barry has to figure out how to deal with the effects and fix all his mistakes.

In the second promo we get to see some special guests including another Harrison Wells, Jay Garrick, and new character Julian Dorn.

Synopsis for “Paradox”

Barry realizes he underestimated the effects from Flashpoint; after meeting his new co-worker, Julian Albert, Barry is surprised at the man’s immediate disdain for him.
fla302a_0015b Paradox

“Paradox” will air on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

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