Watch: THE WALKING DEAD Trailer “Surviving Together”

“Suriviving. Surviving together is all that matters,” thus sayeth Rick Grimes, the leader of our favorite ragtag group of survivors in The Walking Dead.

We, too, are surviving together as we wait (im)patiently for the return of the series.

The Walking Dead Surviving Together 2

What’s interesting about this trailer is that I’m not sure if they’re actually shooting at walkers.  The group seems more frantic, more hurried in their attacks.  They’re running here, there.  Maggie’s screaming, it looks like.  Daryl’s shooting round after round, as it seems they all are.  Rick is yelling at something.

And then they all stop after it’s over.

And then Rick says “It’s all that matters.”

To me, it teases at something more.  Another group they have to fight against, even though they’re still trying to get over the events of the midseason finale.

Surviving together seems to be the mantra for this second half of season 5.  We shall see.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 8th, 9pm EST on AMC.

The Walking Dead Surviving Together 3



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