Getting truth from the WATCHMEN Honest Trailer

The WATCHMEN Honest Trailer likes to mention Dr. Manhattan’s nakedness a lot, because he’s naked. A lot. 

Watchmen was a big anticipated movie over seven years ago, and they made a big show of it at Comic-Con. It looked very promising. Zack Snyder looked like a champ, ready to follow his highly stylized 300 with the un-adaptable and highly stylized Watchmen. For Snyder, his approach didn’t quite work. But considering the source material, it was probably unlikely to work for anyone. But he tried, and for that, Screen Junkies gets to make fun of his effort with this Watchmen Honest Trailer.


It wasn’t all that bad. For me, the outfits seemed very in tune with the graphic novels, including Manhattan’s naked self. Although some of the actors didn’t seem to really understand their characters that well, Jackie Earle Haley’s Walter Kovacs, aka Rorschach, is still the best thing to come from this movie.


Maybe it’s just one of those movies that you love to hate.

Source: GeekTyrant

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