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We Celebrate Pride Month With Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Characters

We give props to the LGBTQ+ characters in books, movies, and television that inspire us every day!

June is Pride month, during which we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community all over the world, including some of our very own writers!

Whether you’re out and proud or still figuring out how to share your true self with the world, LGBTQ+ characters in entertainment help serve as mirrors for the community while making audiences feel ALL THE FEELINGS. So we’re breaking down the LGBTQ+ characters in fandom who have inspired us over the years. Take a look!

Captain Raymond Holt

Brooklyn 99

He’s hilarious. While being a strong leader, he also cares greatly about the people in his precinct. Though he knew others would have…opinions…on his sexuality, he worked his way up the ranks as an openly gay, African-American police officer.


Alec Lightwood

The Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunters

Sure, there’s Magnus Bane, who’s bisexual and a warlock, so he has extra magical qualities, but he’s also immortal, so considering, he’s had a lot of years and time to explore life and be with several people, both male and female. But Alec, well, when we first meet him, we see he’s still figuring it all out. He knows he’s gay, but it took him a while to come out. And when he did, he owned it. He went full force with his relationship with Magnus, and had some bumps along the way, but he still knew what he wanted, even though he was scared of losing it all. Not only that, his sexuality never deterred him being a Shadowhunter. He still was a badass who knew how to fight and protect what was his.


Rosa Diaz

Brooklyn 99

Rosa Diaz has been an incredible character to watch and discover throughout the show. The revelations about her are always buried in casualty, making them hilarious. This, combined with how private of a person she is, made the reveal of Rosa being bi in the show’s 99th episode (celebrated instead of the typical 100th) believable and relatable. What was so wonderful about the story line in this episode was that it wasn’t this huge life changing situation, it wasn’t even the A-plot. Instead, it felt genuine and real, and like another part of life. The continuing of this story line, featuring Rosa coming out to her parents was a beautiful combination of comedy and heartfelt emotion. Rosa being bi didn’t change her character, her sexual orientation isn’t her main personality trait, it’s just something about who she is, and that is wonderfully honest.



A Court of Thorns and Roses 

Mor had to hide her true self for so long, because of her father’s abuse. But when she finally revealed her sexuality to Feyre, she was able to be more free and open with herself. I love that Mor’s story does not revolve around her sexuality, but it is still an important part of her, and her revealing that information to Feyre really did allow her to loose a breath. Mor is a badass warrior and a dedicated friend who also liked women, and that only makes her a stronger, more well-rounded character.


Sara Lance

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow

What isn’t to love? The audience was first introduced to Sara as the girl who drowned on the boat with Oliver. She was the sister of Oliver’s main love interest. A plot device. An obstacle in the way of Oliver and Laurel’s grand love story. Four years later, she joins the Legends. A year after that, she becomes the Captain. She has died and come back to life, she has been tortured and has lost more than anyone should. Her bisexuality has never been a huge thing. She has been with Oliver, Nyssa, had a flirtation with Snart, a one night stand with Alex Danvers, and has finally embarked on a relationship with Ava. She falls in love deeply, and based on who the person is, while still remaining a bad ass who can go head to head with her superpowered friends.


Chuck Shirley/God


He is literally God, and while he was off shirking his responsibility as the lord, he has made time for girlfriends and boyfriends. A wonderful character, who is extremely human for being God.


Pantos Trost & Silas Dengdamoor

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Alright, so if you haven’t seen Dirk Gently, DO IT! It’s amazing. In a cast of characters entirely fluid in their sexuality, Pantos and Silas truly stick out. They come from two warring families in the magical realm of Wendimoor. The families go to war, and yet Pantos and Silas fall in love. They are a modern day Romeo and Juliet, BUT BETTER. And they don’t commit suicide for each other, they just love each other, fight their way back to each other, and use their love to unite their families. They are truly #goals.



Let’s Talk About Love

Claire Kann’s latest novel stars a black biromantic asexual who’s still trying to figure it all out. After seeing one relationship end after she divulges her asexuality, Alice is timid, but she’s not ready to give up on romance quite yet. While she fumbles along the way, we love Alice’s strength, determination, and path toward discovering her own happiness.


Emily Fitch


I love this show first of all because it’s so realistic and doesn’t shy away from difficult and ‘taboo’ topics. I loved Emily specifically because she really struggled a lot with her sexual identity and we got to follow her in that journey of discovering and learning to embrace her sexual identity. I found her relationship with Naomi very realistic because it’s not all just rainbows and butterflies. It’s still a challenge and a lot of people still find it difficult to accept this side of them and I love the growth and development in Emily over her two seasons from trying to deny that side of her to fully accepting it.

Petra Solano

Jane the Virgin

Petra is one of the best villains-turned-heroes on TV. She may have her morally ambiguous moments, but at heart, Petra is kind and loving, and that all came out this season through her realization of her sexuality through her relationship with J.R. This relationship showed Petra as truly happy for the first time in a while on the show, and fans rejoiced because of it. Her sexuality hasn’t changed her character, but rather added to it, making her more nuanced and giving her a much needed break from the constant police investigations and hotel drama. Patra deserved a great love story, and she got it with J.R.


Simon Spier

Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda / Love, Simon

Seriously, how could you NOT love Simon? It’s a smart, awkward, genuine cinnamon roll of a character who’s in that vulnerable stage between discovering one’s true self and sharing his truth with the world. Sure, things don’t go exactly as planned, but Simon handles it with more insight and maturity than most, putting himself out there to find true love with Blue.



Every Day

When Rhiannon falls for an ever-changing spirit named “A” who ends up in a different body every day, she learns the beautiful lesson about falling for a person’s soul rather than their image. She loves “A” as every gender, race, ability, etc. It’s the kind of beautiful, universal love that could truly make the world a better place.


Felix Dawkins

Orphan Black

Has there ever been a character who’s more himself than Felix? He doesn’t apologize for anything– his bad habits, his sarcasm, his wild style, his fierce loyalty that sometimes gets him into trouble, and most of all, he doesn’t apologize for who he decides to hook up with. Felix isn’t your typical romance guy, per se, but he is an amazing example of sexual freedom.

By Kait

Kait is a New Englander, a YA book and adaptation lover, and a Slythindor, as well as a red velvet and red wine enthusiast. She likes to like things. Catch her on Twitter: @kaitmary

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