Wes Bentley Has Joined Twitter!

In a recent interview with Next Movie, Wes Bentley (Seneca Crane), confirmed that he has just joined twitter! He’s @realwesbentley if you want to follow!

wes bently

In the interview, he also talked a little about The Hunger Games and working with Jennifer Lawrence.

Looking back on “The Hunger Games” a year later, do you still have a most memorable fan interaction?
I was, one time, working out at a gym in Albuquerque and I felt some people staring at me, and suddenly I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t know why they were staring at me. And then, this girl came up to me and held out a racquetball to me. And I was just looking at the racquetball, and then she handed me a pen. She wanted me to sign her racquetball. I thought that was strange.

You got to work with Jennifer Lawrence before she became such a huge star. What was your relationship with her during filming? Because you also started acting at a young age, did you give her any advice as a newcomer?
You know, I didn’t want to overstep my bounds and just give advice without asking. But we clicked, and I love Jen, like everybody does. She’s just hilarious, and we got along great and had moments. And I just said to her, “Look, I know a little bit about what you might be feeling or what’s about to happen, and if you ever just want to talk to somebody about it, then call me.” Of course, it’s way bigger than anything I ever had to deal with. And we text sometimes and joke, and she deals with it well, it seems like. But I’ll always be there if she wants to give a call or if she’s feeling like it’s too much.

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Thanks to HG Girl on Fire for the tip!

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