Weta Makes Gollum Take a Swim at Wellington Airport

You might be a bit surprised at the “holiday” decorations at New Zealand’s Wellington Airport, but don’t fear, as long as you’re not a fish… or the Precious, you should be just fine.

Suspended from the ceiling at Wellington Airport is a familiar face to Lord of the Rings fans. Gollum and three “juicy sweet fishes” were designed by Richard Taylor and Weta’s Workshop supervisor Rob Gilles. The airport has renamed the terminal where Smeagol is housed “The Middle of Middle-Earth.” The sculpture was 3D-modeled within the display space of the airport and then created by a team of 18 sculptors, model makers, painters, and artists in nine separate components. The piece weighs 2645 pounds (over a metric ton) and stretches 42 feet (13 meters). We couldn’t wait to see Gollum again in The Hobbit; It’s just awesome that now he can meet us at the airport.



(Source: Nerdist)

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