What Josh Hutcherson Would Change About Peeta Mellark from THE HUNGER GAMES

Josh Hutcherson tells us his favorite – and least favorite – things about Peeta Mellark from THE HUNGER GAMES in a new interview with EW Radio.

Hutcherson has stated in the past that the Baker’s Boy is a character he relates with — likewise, he has repeatedly mentioned that his favorite part of Peeta’s character is his loyalty. What about the thing he likes the least about him?

Probably that it took so long to tell Katniss that he had feelings for her. Because that just … wasted a long time. [He] should’ve made that move sooner.

Josh Hutcherson The Hunger Games

Additionally, Hutcherson talks about the most physically and emotionally challenging scenes throughout The Hunger Games movies; both of which land in the intense upcoming Mockingjay – Part 2. He mentions two weeks of shooting the sequence in the sewers as well as a particularly emotional scene between Peeta and Katniss.

The one that was the hardest though was when I’m in the bed and I’m like strapped down, and I start talking to Katniss really aggressively and intense … that was tough.

Hutcherson describes the franchise ending as “bittersweet.” He’s eager to move on to other projects, but will find the lack of The Hunger Games in his life “weird” (as well as missing the close cast and crew!).

And while the final installment is a dark chapter indeed, our Peeta reassures fans that there’s still hope.

You can watch the entire interview here.

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