What we learned about ABC Family’s SHADOWHUNTERS at NYCC

The cast of ABC Family’s Shadowhunters were at New York Comic-Con to promote the show and they, along with showrunner Ed Decter and author Cassandra Clare, answered a few questions lingering in book readers’ minds.

New Characters

Purists don’t like new characters in what they consider an already perfect storyline, but alas, changes usually have to be made when transferring a book into a different medium.

Ed Decter had this to say:

“What we tried to do is honor everything Cassie created, but still try to throw in some surprises for the Mortal Instruments fans.”

He also did mention that we may see characters from other Cassandra Clare creations.  Brother Zachariah, maybe?  Tessa Gray, anyone?

Malec has a future in TV

Of course, when the subject of a Magnus and Alec relationship came up, fans were ecstatic.  Matthew Daddario teased at it, saying, “If you’re a fan of Malec, you might be happy.” 

The slap exists

As you may recall in the book City of Bones, there was a scene in which Jace admitted to Clary that he was “90 percent” sure the rune he put on Clary would save her life and not kill her, Clary slaps him good.  He then asks angrily what the slap was for, and she replies “for the other 10 percent.” Fans loved that scene for the sheer bravado of Clary.  Fans also grumbled about it not being in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, so now they’ll be happy to know that it’s in the show.

Simon’s Jewish heritage

Ed Decter assured fans that Simon heritage hasn’t changed from the books. “I can promise you we have a Jewish Simon,” he said.

Chairman Meow and Church 

Of course, another thing that fans, (oh how they love the details), were hammering for was the appearances of both the Insitute’s Church, the immortal cat, and Magnus Bane’s precious Chairman Meow.  Although they have no major significance in the books as they are just cats, (but then again, they are cats, and thus fans want to see them), Ed teased them, saying, “For those of you that like Chariman Meow and Church, stay tuned.”

With a tease like that, he’d better deliver!

You can watch the whole panel below and see all the awesomeness this cast and the showrunner plan on delivering come January 12, 2016.

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