What would YOU do?

You’ve just escaped the maze. The Scorch has touched every crevice of our planet Earth. Cranks line the streets, looking for trouble. Huge, bustling cities are now reduced to burning wastelands. Soon, YOU are infected with the Flare, and can feel yourself slowly slipping away. In this situation, most would be too frightened to do anything about it. What would YOU do?

Delay the inevitable. There is always the option of taking the Bliss. You will not be cured, but you will be able to enjoy life longer, living through it without worries. The Bliss can only be afforded by the rich, and is illegal to enter any protected cities while on it. Whilst on this “miracle drug,” life seems to slowly graze past. You can lay around all day, savoring the last of it.

Do nothing. Knowing that you are going to lose yourself anyway, you could choose not to do anything. Hey, admitting yourself into a Crank Palace could be a good thing, right? Or, you don’t have to give in easily. You could always roam the empty streets of an abandoned city, partying it up with fellow Cranks. To survive in these cities, you have to be tough and have a crew. If you’re ever alone in one at night… you probably won’t see daybreak.

Rebel. WICKED has to be hiding something if they’re taking Munies back to their headquarters again. It’s not fair that they’re keeping the cure from the rest of the world, sharing the glory with those wretched Immunes. Before you get too far gone, you could always risk everything and go for the cure.

These are but three of many other actions you could take on. We already know what Thomas and the Gladers did, now it’s your turn.

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