When Harry Potter meets The Dark Knight

Mashup videos are always fun, and sometimes they turn out really mind-bending and awesome. That’s what the A.V. Club discovered when they broke down this Harry Potter sequence, set to music from The Dark Knight:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imKycuTftSM&w=640&h=360]

As Kayla Reed of A.V. Club writes:

The opening scene of the final installment in the Harry Potter series paints a grim picture, and the sadly sparse score only adds to the hopelessness. Substitute Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight score, though, and it feels quite different. While the original score highlights the bleak state of Hogwarts, the Dark Knight theme adds a sense of evil to the beginning. Snape’s Hogwarts is reminiscent of a crime-riddled Gotham, waiting for its hero. It also syncs up beautifully with the shot of Voldemort and the Elder Wand.

We absolutely agree, especially the sequence with Snape looking over Hogwarts — which seems more fitting for the YA dystopian novel (Dauntless under serum, perhaps?) than the wizarding universe. If Gotham needed its Dark Knight, then perhaps Hogwarts needs its Harry, Ron, and Hermione. In fact, we know it does.

Kudos to YouTube’s MrHelsinkiValo for the great work with the video.