Whew! DOCTOR WHO, Major BBC Shows Still Safe on Netflix

After an announcement that major BBC shows including DCOTOR WHO would leave Netflix, the tides have turned.

False alarm, folks! Rumors that Netflix and BBC had not reached a negotiation deal and would be removing BBC programming from the streaming service at the end of the month were shot down by a BBC spokesperson recently.

The two have come to a new agreement that will maintain almost all of BBC’s current programming on Netflix including classic and current DOCTOR WHO, LUTHER, the original version of THE OFFICE, and more!

Sadly four shows were affected by the deal: RED DWARF, MI-5, BLACKLADDER, and FAWLTY TOWERS.

Here’s a full list of the BBC Shows you’ll be able to find on Netflix, even after February 1st:

Classic “Doctor Who”

“Doctor Who” seasons 1 through 7

“Copper” seasons 1 and 2

“House of Cards” trilogy

“Keeping Up Appearances” season 1

“Luther” seasons 1 through 3

“Monarch of the Glen” seasons 1 through 6

“North & South”

“Robin Hood” seasons 1 through 3

“The Buccaneers”

“The Office” U.K. seasons 1 and 2

“Top Gear” seasons 17 though 20

“Torchwood” seasons 1 through 4

“Wallander” seasons 1 through 3


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