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Whodunnit Butler Gildart Jackson To Play a Man of Letters in SUPERNATURAL

gildart_jacksonThe news about the upcoming season of Supernatural has the fandom in a tizzy, it seems.  Sure, there’s news about episode titles and even pictures out there of Jensen and Jared on set, but let’s talk about casting for a moment.  Our second casting announcement today is regarding not a fallen angel this time, but a one of the Men of Letters.  If you recall, the Men of Letters was a secret society that basically kept records of the paranormal.

Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out quite well when they had an issue with a certain demon (Abaddon in Season 8).  But now that the Winchesters know about the society and are pretty much living in the secret lair built for said society, and learning about their family history in regards to being Men of Letters, executive producer Jeremy Carver and crew took to having an episode (and maybe more) in dealing with it.

Enter Gildart Jackson, who’ll be playing one of the original Men of Letters in a flashback episode, titled “Slumber Party.”  This should be a really interesting, and hopefully very humorous episode, as it not only deals with the history of the Men of Letters, but also that of a hunter named Dorothy.  From Oz.

Anyway, Gildart Jackson has been on Whodunnit, an ABC reality TV series where the contestants try to solve a faux murder.  Gildart has also been seen on Charmed and Providence, and has voiced characters in the Japanese animated series Hellsing Ultimate.

Slumber Party will be the 4th episode of Season 9.  Will you be watching?


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