Why That Emotional Scene From UP Was Almost Cut From The Movie

Disney/Pixar movies can be real emotional tearjerkers sometimes. Take that memorable montage from Up that chronicles the marriage of Carl and Ellie. For most people it was emotionally heartbreaking to watch. That scene almost didn’t happen according to director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera. Watch the video above to see what they had to say.

“I always feel like you go to movies to be emotionally connected to them — to be moved in some way,” Docter said. “On Up, for example, some people felt like we were going a little too far…. We got some notes from people in the studio that thought that the moment where they couldn’t have kids was going too far.” Docter and Co. played along and tried a version without that scene and immediately discovered how crucial it had been. “You didn’t feel as deeply [without the scene] — not only just [with] that sequence, but through the whole film,” he said. “Most of the emotional stuff is not just to push on people and make them cry, but it’s for some greater reason to really make you care about the story.”

Disney/Pixar’s latest installment from Docter and Rivera, Inside Out hits theaters this Friday. The story personifies the emotions inside an 11-year old’s head.

 “There’s a lot of complexity to the concept, so we had to simplify it. Not so much for the kids…. It’s more for us, for the adults.”

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