WILDCARD Blog Tour: 5 Reasons Why We Love Emika Chen

For our WILDCARD Blog Tour Stop, we get to show why we love and appreciate the star of the WARCROSS series, Emika Chen! 

For those who have already read Warcross by Marie Lu, you probably already know how amazing the main character, Emika Chen, is, so we just hope you just enjoy and agree with what we think makes her so awesome!

And for those who’ve not read book one yet, well, let this serve as an explanation as to why you need to hop on this bandwagon, especially because we want you to love Emika as much as we do! Plus, Wildcard, book two of the Warcross series, is coming out next month!

Reason 1

Okay, let’s just start with the obvious. Emika Chen has rainbow-colored hair. Rainbow! Right off the bat, you know this girl is something special. She defies complacency right in its face with all those colors shining brightly on her head.

That’s right, Emika! Forego the normal black, straight blase hair. As a bounty hunter, you’d think she’d want to keep herself looking rather plain, but that’s not Emika, and we love her for it so much, we might want to try rainbow-colored hair sometime, too!


Reason 2

Emika is a talented, super smart Bounty Hunter Hacker! Okay, the girl is legit crazy smart when it comes to technology. She tracks and nabs criminals via virtual reality games. You’ve got to know what you’re doing to be able to do that, coding and all! She hacked into her former school to get info on the students and faculty who shared an image they shouldn’t have, and the image wasn’t even of her, but another girl that she felt needed someone on her side.

And that’s not even the coolest thing that Emika has done. She hacked into the Warcross games, catching the attention of the young creator who also happens to be Emika’s idol, and instead of getting jailed for it, he hires her! Not many can say they got to meet their idol that way.

Reason 3

Tattoos are nowhere near anything new, but on a bounty hunter hacker with rainbow hair, it just adds to the overall awesome look that Emika has going for herself. Who wants a(nother) tattoo? We do!

Reason 4

Emika Chen not only knows how to play in virtual reality, she’s not bad riding a hoverboard in person, too! Of course, before she got herself caught up in the Warcross Games, and she was barely making enough to pay her rent. That was also living in New York, so that made sense that she didn’t have a vehicle.

Reason 5

Emika Chen is a survivor. Having lost her mother, then her father at a young age, she had a hard time dealing with the orphanage and foster system as well as school. But she didn’t let the troubles of not being able to work with those systems get her down. She was able to make a living for herself, albeit a challenging one, and then she somehow found herself as one of the players on one of the teams of the Warcross Games. Although we can’t encourage anything to seek a job as a bounty hunter or illegal hacker, we still admire Emika for her bravery, her wits, and her compassion for those she cares about. The girl is fire! Or rainbow!

And there you have our 5 reasons we love and appreciate this character. We’re so happy that Marie Lu has introduced this heroine into our lives, with all her flaws and shortcomings included.

Don’t forget to order your copy of Wildcard (Warcross #2), which comes out on store shelves October 4th.

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