Get a WILDCARD Swag Pack with your preorder

This is not a drill! You can get some awesome perks when you preorder WILDCARD!

For all of those Marie Lu’s Warcross fans who plan to preorder or have already preordered the upcoming conclusion to the duology, Wildcard, out September 18th, we have some great news!

Due to a special offer recently announced, you can get for free a Warcross Swag pack, including Warcross buttons, a Wildcard Thank You postcard with a special message from Marie Lu herself and the exclusive short story Life After Legend II. And what do you need get all of those goodies? Simple: you just need your Wildcard preorder receipt. See? Easy as that.

Make sure to check the conditions for the promotion in the official website before entering (link below) and don’t miss this great opportunity to get exclusive content.

Check the official preorder website here

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  1. Joanna Gunderson on

    Hello! I submitted my wildcard pre order receipt some months ago and have never received anything. Please advise. Thank you!

    • Joanna– We’re not affiliated with Penguin Teen so we can’t direct you here. I would suggest contacting them via social media, though chances are that the preorder perks aren’t being sent out until around now, given that the book just came out last week.

    • You will get your items after 6-8 weeks after September 18 so wait until about October. Also hopefully you submitted a jped or screenshot and not a pfd

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