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Will Tudor talks Jonathan, the baddie half-demon in SHADOWHUNTERS

SHADOWHUNTERS actor Will Tudor talks about his character as Jonathan fully takes on the role of the sick and twisted.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

In a recent interview, actor Will Tudor, who plays Sebastian Verlac, aka Jonathan Morgenstern, in the Freeform series Shadowhunters, got to talk about how his character has changed since he first showed up to save Isabelle Lightwood from a Azazel.

We already know that Clary revealed Jonathan was posing as Sebastian Verlac, and since then Jonathan has shown his true persona, and let’s just say he’s been quite the wild child. Now that he’s conspiring with Valentine to bring down the Downworlders, he’s been nothing but a menace. Will Tudor explains why he is what he is.

On Clary stabbing Jonathan in the neck:

In the aftermath of this, I think he’s thinking the worse. Maybe we’ll see him come around to the idea that it could still work.

On Jonathan’s determination to getting what he wants:

Now he’s being pushed to the end of his tether. We’ll start to see his true nature, I think, and there’s no length he won’t go to to get what he wants because he feels like he doesn’t have anything left. He’s a very dangerous man now.

On if Jonathan believes he is redeemable:

I think so. He’s a product of complete neglect. He doesn’t want to do these things. His aim is to lead a normal life, he just doesn’t really understand how he can do that, so he fixates on Clary as his possibility of redemption.

On Jonathan’s fixation with Clary:

I think because everyone he’s ever known has let him down and because of the terrible way Valentine treated him as a child and he spent so long in Eden, he fixated on these things. Clary became this idealized person, the one person he feels will not let him down and will always be there for him. It was so overwhelming, those emotions he has for her, that it became almost sexual attraction because he doesn’t know how to channel it, and in the one moment when she’s saying that he’s her brother and she’ll do anything she can for him to hopefully rehabilitate him, he thinks, “Yes, all these dreams have come true, she is this person,” and it kind of flows over and becomes this weird act of affection.

The season 2 finale of Shadowhunters airs this Monday at 8pm on Freeform.


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