Wolverine Fights Against Mutant Extinction in First LOGAN Trailer

The first look at Wolverine movie LOGAN brings strength and sadness to the forefront!

20th Century Fox just dropped the first trailer for Logan, the final Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman. While we’ve heard plenty about the raw grit, action, and the R rating, the trailer presents the more heartfelt, hard-hitting part of the story.

Based on the Old Man Logan comic book story line, the Logan trailer focuses in on a world in which mutants are hunted and nearly extinct. The title character is laying low in a rural town until Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who looks just a step away from his deathbed, comes around with a mutant child in need of protection. But Logan and Professor X are soon confronted by the forces that what the innocent girl dead.

Set to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, the trailer offers up action and mutant power but seems a little more evolved than your average X-Men movie.

UPDATE: If you want something a little rougher, check out the red band trailer!


Additionally, director James Mangold posted the first still of Hugh Jackman as older Logan, from what looks to be a make-up test.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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