WONDER WOMAN International Trailer Focuses On Battlefield Action

Get a good look at the fights and effects in WONDER WOMAN!

Wonder Woman is an international icon, and she’s really showing off her skills in this new Chinese trailer (via Slashfilm.) While we’ve seen some of the footage before, this trailer has far more action from both the battlefield and Diana’s various fights around town as she works to take down Ares, god of war, giving us a hefty dose of action and excitement. We’re also seeing more of the special effects, including Diana zooming up into the sky.

Gal Gadot looks fierce, Chris Pine looks charming, and this movie looks like a really fun ride. We’re on board!

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

To celebrate the film’s release and the 75th anniversary of the character, DC has named June 3rd Wonder Woman Day! Over 2,000 retailers will have exclusive content and activities to celebrate, including a reprint of the Wonder Woman #1 comic and a chapter sampler from the upcoming Super Hero Girls Vol. 3: Summer Olympus. DC will also be offering events and interviews with the creators behind some of Wonder Woman’s most iconic moments, plus major sales on comics and eBooks beginning May 30th.

Fans who can’t attend the events can enjoy the fun from home by downloading the Wonder Woman Day activity guide from DC.

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