WONDER WOMAN Shines In New TV Spots

Diana Prince gets her name, battles, and triumphs in new WONDER WOMAN previews!

If you didn’t already think Wonder Woman looked badass, these two new TV spots released by Warner Bros are sure to sweeten the pot for you!

The first TV spot is a minute long and focuses on Diana (Gal Gadot) coming into her own and rising above the expectations of Amazon society while shows off the film’s gorgeous color palettes. We also see how Diana winds up with the surname “Prince” once among the humans.

The second spot shows off some major power moments for the character, including her battling the enemy with the Lasso of Truth, running through fire, and some electric vibes.

Early reviews for Wonder Woman have been overwhelmingly positive, which bodes good things for the character’s future ¬†and hopefully, the DC Entertainment Universe as a whole.

Wonder Woman hits theaters this Friday, June 2, 2017.

By Kait

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