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Wondercon 2019 | Interview with THE 100’s Richard Harmon and Sachin Sahel

Warning: Mild spoilers regarding episode 1 of season 6.

This was our longest, but funniest and quite entertaining interview, but having The 100‘s Sachin Sahel and Richard Harmon together can create quite the amusing interview set-up.

The great thing is that these two are pretty down to earth, which is why it we had such a easygoing atmosphere, almost too easygoing, because they can certainly chat it up about anything, including their costars, Sahel’s desire for a spinoff series based on Jackson’s grandfather, and dinner at a popular eatery in Los Angeles, as Harmon nonchalantly says in front of the whole table to new co-star Shannon Kook.

When we finally get to asking questions, they are up for the task of answering it, in their own way.

And if you watched the first episode of season six, you will know what we’re talking about here when Harmon talks about one particular scene that was fun to watch, and we hope was fun for him to do, as it involves him singing AND dancing.

“There is a scene in the first episode, without saying anything about what it is, it’s a moment rarely had on the 100, and I think people will have a lot of fun with it, and I’m involved.”

It was a rare moment on The 100, and it was definitely entertaining and wonderful, until that other thing happened.

There’s a lot to be dealt with in regards to what’s happened since blew up Earth and went into cryo, which Sahel teases about.

“Probably just dealing with the ramifications. I mean, they got out of the bunker, and then they’re being put on a new planet, and then stuff happens.”

“All those things that existed before, are still pretty fresh. They’re right there on the forefront. That’s going to be a part of things while we’re dealing with whatever happens on the new world.”

It may be a new world, but apparently many of the characters are going to have to deal with those old demons they’ve been hiding, but Harmon’s character is one who is not unfamiliar to this issue in the least.

“…I think this season answers, to me, the most important question about Murphy…”

Richard Harmon on his character John Murphy in season 6

“I think that’s a lot of what people are doing this season. I’ve been dealing with that from the beginning. That’s Murphy’s fight with his demons, that’s daily. Yeah, it’s prevalent this season, for sure. And I think this season answers, to me, the most important question about Murphy, I’m not going to say what it is, but we finally get an answer to a very important question this season. I’m excited for people to see, because I was excited to do it.”

As far as relationships go, there’s nothing that haven’t said that we don’t know, but we’re wondering if Harmon’s hinting at the one between Murphy and Emori.

“Well, that’s an interesting thing. Obviously relationships will continue to develop. Y’know, fall apart, or mend, all those things.”

In regards to what was show in the first episode of season six, we learn the planet, or moon, as we find out, is not all flowers and sunshine. There’s a very dark side, or maybe we should say red side, to the place, and it apparently turns people into vicious killers.

“Randomly Occuring Psychosis-Inducing Eclipses,” which Harmon repeats and tells the story of having to say it over and over again. We’re sure this is what’s going to challenge the actors this season, and we’re super excited to see it.

Other relationships between characters were mentioned, one of them being between Murphy and Raven, which Harmon summarized in his own way.

“One of my favorite relationships on the show is with Raven. It’s just so interesting. It’s taken such a real turn – repeatedly. I shot her, she tried to shoot me, and I didn’t mind. She tried to offer me up to the grounders, I was upset. I apologized later. We’re cool. I may have had like a brief crush on her. Got over that. She’s great. I’m okay. That’s my relationship with her.”

Sahel was a bit more descriptive on his character’s relationship with Raven.

“Jackson’s relationship with Raven has always been like that. They kind of have a nice bond in the beginning because he was one of the people that helped her get to Earth, initially, with Finn and Abby. And Abby and Raven has such a close relationship that we – Lindsey and I have always talked about how Jackson and Raven feel like very connected because they don’t have their parents around. But they both have Abby, to be like a surrogate kind of protector for both of them, and so they feel very close in that they both have her from the beginning.”

When asked about what the fans should look forward to watching this season, both were quick to give kudos to the newest addition to the cast, JR Bourne.

“The freshness of this season. Also the new cast. I know we’ve talked about Eliza’s performance this year, but JR Bourne–this show does a good job of reinventing a new storyline every year. This is not a new storyline. It’s a new show, and you’re going to feel that.”

“To JR Bourne’s credit, and the writing, his character, without saying anything about him, is so intricate, the inner workings of that character, the way JR brings it to life. And just the way JR can look you in the eye, and you can see it so much, the universe in that man’s baby blue…peepers.”

“To seemlessly come into this show that easy, and to do whatever he has to do, it’s not an easy thing, but he made it look effortless.”

Of course, we couldn’t end the interview without asking how Monty’s death/sacrifice will affect Murphy and Jackson.

“For sure.  I never got to say ‘thank you’ to him for saving my life. And I think the only way Murphy thinks he can thank him is to try his best to honor that dying wish of Monty’s, for us to do better. I think Murphy tries, it’s just whether or not he succeeds. If he doesn’t succeed, that’s just another demon for him to fight,” admits Harmon.

“If you think about Monty’s sacrifice, it was something that would go down in history books of lore. If you think about the way we look at Beca [from seasons 3-4], we would, years later, look at the history books with these people, and think, oh, Monty Green was the guy that did this for us. If this planet doesn’t blow up or whatever. So, his sacrifice is going to something that’s going to be felt by everybody, I think, forever,” states Sahel.

As far as final thoughts on The 100’s sixth season, well, they put it simply.

“Again, it felt like you were stepping on a new show.”

Sachin Sahel on season 6 of The 100

“It’s kind of the fun of this season, and I believe it’s our best. Whatever show this is now, I believe it’s our best.”

Richard Harmon on season 6 of The 100

Watch the video at the top of the post to see the full antics of these two actors.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW.

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