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Wondercon 2019 | Interview with THE 100’s Tasya Teles

Tasya Teles, who plays Echo on The 100, was present at this year’s Wondercon to talk about the sixth season of the show and her part in it. Obviously, we can only gather so much information regarding the upcoming season, but she was still able to give us some insight into her character’s part and her relationships with a few of other characters.

One of the major issues for the group on the new planet is having to adjust to it, especially since they know so little of it, you know, since it’s not Earth. For Echo, it seems that could be more of a problem as she feels her confidence and strength lies in having familiarity with her surroundings.

“I think that when Echo goes into a space, especially a land, she knows that that’s her forte, so I think she has a sensibility where she’s like, okay, these guys grew up in space, and I grew up in a forest with a bunch of people who wanted to kill me all of the time, so she has this intuition weapon into her system, that doesn’t really operate as well in the new planet. So, she has a confidence that gets dismantled really quickly.”

At least during the beginning of the season, we know many, if not all, of the characters are going to have to deal with Monty’s sacrifice and death, but apparently, Echo was not supposed to have a strong reaction to it. Unfortunately, Tasya couldn’t help herself.

“They were panning across all of us as we were watching Monty process all of it, and (creator) Jason (Rothenberg) was like, ‘Echo is not showing that she’s affected.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, copy.’ He’s like, ‘don’t cry.’ And I was like, ‘Mm hm.’ And I could just feel the camera moving towards me and I feel a tear brimming, and I was trying to suck it back in my system. And then of course when the camera’s here, it was just boom! Boom, boom, boom, boom!”

Tasya Teles as Echo in The 100
The 100 — “Sleeping Giants” — Image Number: HU503a_0046.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Tasya Teles as Echo and Chelsea Reist as Harper — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Okay, so we could understand. As a viewer, and with Monty being one of the original 100 that got sent down to Earth, his death was supposed to be a tearful one. So, we share in Tasya’s emotional state.

“…if you could find two characters who were more opposite, it might be Echo and Monty…”

On Monty’s death

“She feels so much for Monty. Monty and Harper━I mean that whole family was everything to her. Especially Monty, I feel like Monty really━if you could find two characters who were more opposite, it might be Echo and Monty, and so like her finding a friendship within him was really instrumental in her understanding this group of people. So, she wants to do good by them.”

We already know that Echo and Clarke have never really gotten along, even though they share the same friends, somewhat. So, will that change this season?

“We can be hopeful of so many things.”

On if Echo and Clarke will reconcile

“One thing that I do love is the objectivity and the sense of needing to get the job done that I think they both share. And that Echo isn’t someone who holds on to a lot of the past. She’s happily ready to move on, and as a group, move forward towards the next goal, which is always survival. But it’s cool to be able to work on a show where they’re not pining people against each other in the traditional sense. There is a lot of cohesion between Clarke and Echo in terms of the things that need to get done.”

We already know that Bellamy and Echo are together, but being on this new planet, and learning more about it, we had to ask if Echo and Bellamy are going to have their own struggles with each other. If they’re an honest couple, it seems like this change could cause a lot of strain on their relationship.

“They, like any couple, have a fight or two here or there, and we show one of them this year. (Laughs) But they do balance each other out, which I think is a beautiful thing. I was always really endeared by how they met and I remember filming that scene. It was the first thing that I shot on the show. He surprised her in the cage, and she hated Skaikru, and she spat in their face as soon as she found out who he was. By the end of the episode, she was already feeling herself open up to her enemy, and that’s a beautiful thing for a person to experience.”

The 6th season of The 100 premieres tonight on The CW at 9pm.

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