INTO THE WOODS Stars Anna Kendrick and Chris Pine Talk Bruises

Into the Woods’ Anna Kendrick explains the bruises she received in a particular scene while co-star Chris Pine teases her about it.

Sure, an actor’s life isn’t particularly torturous, but even actors have to deal with physical discomfort every now and again, especially when filming a scene or scenes or even the whole movie.  But that’s what they get paid for, to say the least.

So, in the likes of Chris Pine, it’s no surprise that he would tease his little co-star about her having to crawl on her knees and getting bruises in what she considers one of the more challenging parts of playing the role of Cinderella in the movie musical.  No doubt he was thinking of all the stuff he’s had to do on other, more labor intensive gigs.

Still, Anna Kendrick is a doll and she’s quite a lovely person and has a lovely voice.  And it’s cute the way that Chris teases her about it, playing the “invisible tiny violin sad music” gesture, which in a sense is another way of rolling your eyes at someone’s misfortune.  But he does it in a funny way, especially when he does the pouty lips thing, too.

Anna Kendrick plays Cinderella and Chris Pine plays Cinderella’s Prince in this feature film version of the award-winning 1986 musical Into the Woods.  Disney’s Into the Woods is directed by Rob Marshall, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and book written by and screenplay adapted by James Lapine.

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