Woody Harrelson Discusses Catching Fire and Director Francis Lawrence

Woody Harrelson sat down with HitFix while promoting his latest film, Now You See Me, and was asked about Catching Fire and working with Francis Lawrence.  Harrelson expressed his confidence in Lawrence and lauded him as a director, which just builds on all of the other praise we’ve heard surrounding the film already.  Based on all we’ve heard so far, it sounds like we don’t have anything to worry about!


From HitFix:

“There may have been no one other than Lionsgate execs that were more distraught than me when Gary Ross left,” Harrelson told HitFix during our recent interview for “Now You See Me.” He plays Haymitch Abernathy in the Hunger Games films. “I gotta say Francis, he’s fantastic, he’s a real gentleman, a great great director, really knows what he wants, really understands action.

“Believe me, the whole ‘Hunger Games’ franchise will not suffer from having him at the helm.”

Of course, “Catching Fire” won’t be out until Nov. 22 this year, but Harrelson’g got a feeling.

“I haven’t see the second one, so maybe I should save these comments for later. I’ve heard its great,” he laughed.

Visit HitFix to watch the video of this interview.  Thanks to Down With The Capitol for the tip!


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