WWE’s Cody Rhodes To Guest Star On ARROW

WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes will take on Stephen Amell in ARROW Season 5!

Arrow has recently announced several new actors joining the cast for Season 5, but one new guest star is sure to make an impression.
At Heroes and Villains Fan Fest today, Stephen Amell and the Arrow team were joined on stage by a special guest coming to the show. It’s a face that WWE fans will recognize: Cody Rhodes aka Stardust, who Stephen Amell wrestled during SummerSlam last August– a fight that won a “Slammy Award” among fans as the best celebrity appearance of the year.

The collaboration between the two seems to have worked well enough that Cody will now cross the between shows and appear on Arrow!

It’s clear that Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes are friendly in real life, but Rhodes suggests they’ll have some more fun beefing up their “rivalry” on the show.

“You can probably expect Stephen and I to get into another fight,” he told the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest crowd.

Who he’ll play in the series remains a mystery at this time, but we’re guessing it’s more of a one episode villain role than a regular character seen throughout the season.

Arrow returns to The CW for Season 5 on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.


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