Wyck Godfrey Says TFIOS Success Is More Rewarding Than TWILIGHT

Wyck Godfrey, the powerhouse producer behind several YA adaptations says that success of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS has been his most rewarding project. Even more rewarding than the uber-popular TWILIGHT SAGA, for which he produce all five movies.


Wyck told Variety:

It’s been the most rewarding weekend of my career. Years ago, when ‘Twilight’ opened I said I’d never be able to duplicate the feeling of that Saturday after it premiered, but this is even more rewarding. It’s such an outlier, because even ‘Twilight’ had vampires. It’s just a simple story of two people who fall in love, with characters that make people leave the theater thinking about their own lives and how they want to live them.”

He also had some great thoughts on Shailene Woodley’s future career:

She’s going to get offered everything in the world, and it will be up to her to choose things she deeply connects with.”

Wyck Godfrey’s future adaptations include James Dashner’s THE MAZE RUNNER due out this September, John Green’s PAPER TOWNS, and Ava Dellaira’s LOVE LETTER TO THE DEAD.