THE X-FILES will be targeting the YA crowd with two books on teen Mulder and Scully

The X-Files will be getting the YA treatment with two books on teen Mulder and Scully

Considering the increasing popularity of YA books (duh!) among both teens and adults, it should be no surprise that fandoms that have been popular for years are trying to find a way to stay current. We’ve had superhero YA books, Star Wars YA books, and now this. The X-Files YA books that will bring us teen Mulder and teen Scully.  There will be two books – Agent of Chaos and Devil’s Advocate, each focusing on one of the characters, and they will be written by two really talented authors.

Agent of Chaos is the Mulder story and will be written by Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures). Devil’s Advocate, Scully’s story, will be written by Jonathan Maberry (Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers).

“When I watched the pilot episode back in 1993, I became immediately obsessed with The X-Files,” says Erin Stein, Publisher of Imprint, in a statement (via EW). “As a die-hard fan of the show, the opportunity to work with incredible authors on original stories about these characters is a dream come true for me. Why did Mulder become a believer? Why did Scully become a skeptic? We get to tell those stories.”

What do you think?  Are you ready to see the teen versions of your two favorite FBI agents?  Let us know in the comments!

Both books are scheduled for publication in January 2017.


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