YA Cult Classic Will Be Adapted For Film

The cult classic YA book WEETZIE BAT is in its way to the big screen!

When Francesca Lia Block’s WEETZIE BAT was released in 1989, the young adult genre wasn’t even truly considered a genre. Still, the whimsical, off-color look at a slick Los Angeles featuring characters with names like Weetzie, Cherokee, Witch Baby, and Secret Agent Lover Man gradually gained speed and sales over the years. In 2015, the book is somewhat of a cult classic… and soon to be a movie!

Francesca Lia Block recently talked about working with director Elgin James, working on the screenplay via Pinterest boards, and more!

On An Older Book Becoming Mainstream:

I think the mainstream culture is more accepting of some of the aesthetic aspects of it, as well as some of the deeper themes and ideas behind it. It was more of a cult kind of thing for many years and now I’ve noticed that Weetzie seems to have entered the mainstream because the mainstream has changed.

On Keeping With The Book’s Era and Setting:

Yes, it’ll be set in the early ’80s, which is something else we really agreed on. I’ve had people approach me about trying to update it — but the theme of the beginning of AIDS, which is subtle but important to the book, can’t just be dismissed. It’s a different story then.

On Avoiding the YA Genre Conventions:

The intention is not to make a teen movie. I think it’s more for a certain kind of person rather than for an age — which is how I feel about my books, too. I don’t really write them for an age. I write them for a type of person — usually an outsider, a creative type of person who believes in a humanistic outlook. Rather than an age.

No word on when WEETZIE BAT will hit theaters, but we’ll definitely be checking out the book soon!


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