YA novel ‘This Song Will Save Your Life’ being adapted for stage and film

YA Novel “This Song Will Save Your Life” to be on two forms of media

Leila Sales’s music-infused novel, This Song Will Save Your Life, has been optioned/taken by two producers looking to adapt it on both stage and screen. Tony-winner Kevin McCollum (Avenue Q, Rent) and TV producer Micheal Novick, who is best known for the hit TV series, Glee announced the deal for the novel today.

This Song Will Save Your Life cover

This 2014 young adult novel is about a misfit teenage girl named Elise Dembowski who has a passion for music, but not so much for the skill of making friends. In an underground club where she DJs, she discovers that music can speak louder than words and finds her place in the world of indie rock. Also, she meets other friendly fellows who are just like her and are secretly awesome, just like the people in the fandom world!

“I’m thrilled that this story may be shared with an even wider audience,” Sales said. “Like most music lovers, I am such a fan of Kevin and Michael’s work, so it’s an honor to have this project with them. I can’t wait to see how they interpret this story. I bet it’s going to be very rock ‘n’ roll — just how Elise would want it!”

McCollum states that he was drawn to This Song Will Save Your Life because it showed the way “in which we create our own families” from what we love together as a whole.

“We thought the journey of the main character was compelling, and the way she weaves her story and the songs together is unique — a story tailor-made for both the stage and the screen,” McCollum added.

However, something that is unclear is if the title will change or not. This past year, the musical film starring Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley was titled Begin Again, but it was originally titled: Can a Song Save Your Life?

Anyways, I’m excited to hear that a book is going to be turned into a movie, so let’s hope it’s as amazing as the book is! Dun Dun Dun…


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