Yahoo! Movies Argues That the Catching Fire Soundtrack is ‘Way Cooler’ Than the First One

Yahoo! Movies thinks that the soundtrack for Catching Fire has a bigger coolness factor than the first movie’s soundtrack, “Songs From District 12 and Beyond,” and have presented five reasons why they think this is so.


1. It fits with the movie plot better.

“The Hunger Games,” while set in a variety of locations, including the titular games, was really more about Katniss herself (Jennifer Lawrence) and her desire to survive so she could return home. “Catching Fire” takes the plot way outside of the rustic District 12, and focuses on Katniss becoming a national symbol of revolution. So clearing out the folksy sound for something more varied, more cosmopolitan makes sense.

2. Patsavas knows what she’s doing.

Say what you want about the “Twilight” films – they had killer soundtracks, and the woman behind them and other iffy but always musically on point projects is Patsavas. When it comes to pop culture soundtracks, she’s got the Midas touch.

3. There’s a lot of variety among the artists, and that’s a good thing.

The first “Hunger Games” soundtrack mostly stayed within a certain country-inspired genre wheelhouse, but this one’s got everything from atmospheric rockers The National to certified diva Aguilera. And, judging by “Atlas” and the released snippet from Aguilera’s “We Remain,” each artist is free to keep their own style, ensuring an eclectic mix of related tunes.

4. This is new music from some artists who haven’t released anything in a while.

Coldplay hasn’t dropped an album since “Mylo Xyloto” in 2011. Sia and Mikky Ekko (who was featured on Rihanna’s “Stay”) haven’t released any solo material since 2010.

5. It’s mainstream-friendly, but still really, really cool.

The first “Hunger Games” soundtrack only released two singles, and they were both by Taylor Swift. There’s way more star power on this album by household names like Aguilera, Imagine Dragons, and Smith, but there’s plenty of cult not-quite-mainstream talent, like 16-year-old rising star Lorde and experimental icons Antony and the Johnsons, who boost the album’s overall cool cred up to impeachable levels.

Do you agree with this? Since we haven’t heard much from the album yet, it’s impossible to determine which is better — or cooler — but do you think Yahoo! is onto something?  Let us know what you think!

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