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Yallwest 2015: Exclusive Interview with The 100 author Kass Morgan

We got to talk to The 100 author Kass Morgan during her visit at Yallwest 2015 in Santa Monica earlier this year. As we know, The 100 trilogy is complete, however, we wanted to talk to her about her involvement with the TV series that was based on her books as well. Unfortunately, since the third season won’t start until 2016, I added some images/gifs for your 100 fix.

cd0e1de0cddbb95e4eb61ee32c53c051The Fandom: Regarding The 100, congratulations on it, first of all.

Thank you so much

How involved are you in the show?

I’m not involved at all, which is really fun, because it keeps me free to focus on the books, which is what I do. And then I can watch the show as a fan. I was writing the rest of the seires while the show was already in production. it wouldn’t have been realistic for me to have a hand in both, and it would play to my strengths, and TV people are really into doing TV things, and it’s good that I stay focus on the books, so I wasn’t involved, and I was absolutely fine with that.

The fans often criticize how different the show is from the book. How’ve your fans been with the differences, because there seems to be quite a bit of a difference?

There are huge differences, which I think make it fun. I’m obviously biased, but i like that the show and the book went down their own paths. and it plays to the strengths as with difference media. This is the controversial statement, but the biggest change that people are frustrated about is that Bellamy and Clarke aren’t together in the show like they are in teh books, but I’m kind of loving it. I love that they’re friends first. I love the tension that’s building between them, and I think when/if they get together, it’s going to be electric.

Yeah, I actually do like the dynamic that they have right now, because in the beginning it was very volatile. They weren’t having it. They were on opposite ends. Seeing them finally connect and just be friends, especially with the season finale, it’s different.

It’s fabulous! I love it!

Fin was not in the books. What are your thoughts on that character, and how it affected Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship?

That’s interesting. Well, in the books, the sort of love triangle in the first book is between Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells. But since Wells died a few episodes in, it made sense to introduce another male character in order to keep things interesting, and show Clarke trying to process her very different feelings for very different people. So I think he deserved that role. I think it was just a way to complicate everyone’s relationships and get to see its different side, a more playful side, a more romantic side of Clarke.

Have you met any of those actors and what are your thoughts on them?

I visited the set last year and had the most magical day of my life. It was quite literally like walking into a dream. To be in the middle of the forest outside of Vancouver and then all of a sudden see a crashed space ship and realize I’m on the set. I saw the crashed dropship before I even saw any of the humans, so it really brought me into that world. The cast couldn’t have been lovelier. I interviewed all of them for Alloy, and those interviews are available on their website, and I was struck by how smart and articulate– I mean, the cast members aren’t just wonderful actors. They’re really, really smart I had fun talking to them about books and movies and it was a delight and a privelige to spend the day there.


Which actor is most like the character they play?

Eliza’s portrayal of Clarke is very, very much like I had in my head. octavia is really similar to what I imagined. i’m totally obsessed with Bob and his portrayal of bellamy. That character is written a little differently on the show than he is in the books, but I think he does a stupendous job. It’s sort of win, win for me when the characters are similar to the way they are in the book. It’s realy fun for me, and when they’re different, it just allows me to explore the character in a new way, and adds depth and dimension to them, so I really enjoy it.

So, you have The 100, then Day 21, then Homecoming. What’s next?

I’m working on a new book that I can’t talk about, but it’s completely separate from The 100. It’s got a little bit of sci-fi, a little bit of fantasy, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever thought about, and unlike anything I’ve ever read, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to share some tidbits about it soon.


Are you done with The 100 series?

The three books that are out are the only ones that have been signed up with the publisher. I would certainly be open to writing more in the future if there’s demand. I think there are more stories to be told, and I miss hanging out with those characters, so I would love it.

The 100 series wiil return in January 2016.

The 100's Clarke and Bellamy


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