Yoda Goes to the Beach in STAR WARS Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading is back with another hilarious (and musical) STAR WARS video.

The clever people at Bad Lip Reading have created a Star Wars video to expand on the song first previewed in their Empire Strikes Back video. Sung by none other than Yoda himself, the song describes his unfortunate encounters with seagulls.

The video even includes Yoda using R2-D2 as an instrument, which might make it impossible for you to see the original scene the same way. Luke’s comments as Yoda sings make it equally ridiculous.

“When the time is right, birds’ll bite your face.”

The song is rightfully titled Seagulls! (Stop It Now). Check the video out below!

Is the song stuck in your head yet? Check out our Bad Lip Reading tag for more videos! If you’re looking for something musical again, they did a Catching Fire music video a while back that we still laugh about.

Star Wars


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