Your favorite characters get sorted into HARRY POTTER houses by their authors

Was Hazel Grace a Slytherin or a Gryffindor? The answer to this question can finally be put to rest by John Green himself. Buzzfeed was able to ask seven YA authors to place their own characters into the four famed houses.




So for starters, we’ve got Hazel in Gryffindor and Augustus in Ravenclaw. There’s definitely some disparity between readers and John on those choices- what do you think? The two could really go either way with Gryffindor/Slytherin and Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw.

alaska alaska character pudge

On to John’s second most popular novel. Pudge is for sure a Hufflepuff, but Alaska as a Ravenclaw? Does she lean more toward intellectual or brave? I guess author knows best!

if i stay

if i stay adam

if i stay kim

if i stay mia

On to popular YA novelist Gayle Forman. Her illustrations are hilarious! Now, she’s chosen to put Adam and Mia into Gryffindor, which make a lot of sense. Kim is in Ravenclaw, which for me actually sheds more light on that particular character.

eleanor eleanor character

Rainbow Rowell was able to give us a look into Eleanor’s personality, and she’s almost undoubtedly a Gryffindor. But there’s always the possibility of Ravenclaw too.

Fangirl Fangirl leviRainbow’s other popular novel, “Fangirl,” features Levi, who is an accurate portrayal of a Hufflepuff. That one would be hard to argue!

Take a peek at the full article to see choices made by Holly Black, Stephanie Perkins, Scott Westerfeld and Lev Grossman. And feel free to debate your own choices in the comments!

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