Your Questions Have Been Answered (Well, at least some of them…)

Last week, James Dashner asked the people who follow his blog to ask him questions. Today, he started answering them! (He also shares his hope for book/movie adaptions and who should have played Katniss in The Hunger Games, and it’s not who you think it might be!)  Here are some of the highlights from the Q and A.

In response to Pherisphena Ladea:

 I’m not one to say never, but I can’t imagine ever writing a book following up the events of THE DEATH CURE. That story is told, and I think any sequel would be extremely boring. However, I’d always planned on writing a prequel – at least one – and you guys can look forward to THE KILL ORDER this August.

In response to Robert MacGillivray:

I appreciate all those who’ve asked about the potential movie for THE MAZE RUNNER. Believe me, no one on the planet wants this to happen more than I do. And I really think it’s going to happen. I’m not allowed to say much, but it’s public knowledge that Twentieth Century Fox optioned the rights, that a script has been written, and that things are moving slowly but surely. Stay tuned!!!

You can read the entire interview here. You can also leave a comment on that post if you have a question for James!

I honestly didn’t know all that about the movie, but I can’t wait to see everything unfold. And am I the only one to catch that there could possibly be more than one prequel? That leads us to today’s polls![polldaddy poll=6098844]

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