Zack Snyder In Talks With HBO To Create A WATCHMEN TV Show

Zack Snyder, who directed the 2009 WATCHMEN film adaptation, is now rumored to be in talks with HBO to develop a WATCHMEN TV series. At first this was all rumored, but after Collider’s “exclusive” announcement went up, HBO did confirm that discussion has occurred, but that they have no more information and no deals had been signed. GalleryChar_1900x900_watchmen_52ab8b7e8ff2a4.25965674I find it really interesting that a WATCHMEN TV could be in the works. Yes, the movie wasn’t so successful, but a television seems to be the way to go when adapting comics. It gives you a longer time limit to work within, so the story never has to feel rushed or out of order. Plus with WATCHMEN’s graphic nature, HBO would definitely be a suitable home.

[Source: Collider]

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