Zoey Deutch Dishes a Little Bit on Her Role in ‘Beautiful Creatures’

Teen Vogue got to interview up and comer Zoey Deutsch, and they asked her a couple of questions on her role as Emily Asher in ‘Beautiful Creatures’.

In Beautiful Creatures, you play the ultimate mean girl. How’d you get into character?

“I changed my look entirely so that people don’t identify me with Emily. As fun and incredible as it is to play this role, it’s my first big studio movie that I’m doing and I’m making a first impression, which is a big deal. I dyed my hair blonde. I used fake tanner and fake nails. That helped me because I got to look at myself and feel like someone else. Every part should be somewhat a part of you; it should be a part that maybe you don’t want to come out. You have to figure out a way to relate to the character, and I did that by saying, ‘I can relate to her because she has a broken heart. She’s acting the way she does because she has a broken heart.’ Realizing that the guy she likes. Ethan, doesn’t like her anymore is the way I justified her behavior. She’s very human, and she goes crazy.”

The range of actors speaks to the strength of the movie. It’s cool that the film brings together people at different points in their careers.

“It was incredible. Emma Thompson is such an inspiration and she’s a really good person. It was really cool to watch her work ethic. And Although I grew up in L.A., I don’t know any actors or actresses my own age, so it was really cool to have the experience. All the work I’d previously done wasn’t with people my own age. Thomas [Mann] and Alden [Ehrenreich] are the greatest people of all time.”

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