ZOOTOPIA Ranks as Second Largest Original Movie of All Time

Zootopia has been ranked as the second largest original movie ever!

Disney’s recent animated film, Zootopiawhich was a surprising success at the box-office, has now made history. According to Forbes and Box Office Mojo, Zootopia is now the second largest original movie of all time, beat by only James Cameron’s Avatar. Forbes qualifies an original movie as a movie “not based on a television show, a comic book, a novel, or a stage play,” and it also cannot be a sequel, prequel, reboot or have basis in any historical events, which eliminates many popular movies from the running.

To date, Zootopia has made about $1 billion, making it Disney’s eleventh biggest movie of all time. When looking just at animated films, it comes fourth behind Toy Story 3, The Minions and Frozen. Zootopia is also the sixth best “non-prequel/sequel” placing behind Avatar, Titanic, FrozenJurassic Park and Alice in Wonderland.

Zootopia is set in a world where there are no humans, and animals live together in peace. The story follows Judy Hopps, a rabbit who wishes to become a police officer in the big city, Zootopia. but when she gets there, she discovers a mystery surrounding animals going ‘savage,’ and, along with an unlikely ally, makes it her mission to solve the mystery and save the animals.

Thanks to the success of Zootopia and Captain America: Civil War, Disney has made over $4 billion in ticket sales this year, which is very impressive given the dismal opening Alice Through the Looking Glass had this past weekend.

Zootopia is one of the most creative and interesting movies I’ve ever seen, and so it is no surprise to me that it has ranked so high as an original movie. Hopefully the same originality will be present in any possible Zootopia sequels to come.